Nexa3D and Henkel Deliver High Performance Photopolymer Materials

Nexa3D and Henkel Deliver High Performance Photopolymer Materials

Building on momentum from previous collaborations, Henkel and Nexa3D continue to drive solutions for functional 3D printed parts with the release of three new photopolymers. Leveraging the expanding portfolio of  high-performance resins and Nexa3D’s productivity advantages using the NXE400 printer, both companies are enabling access to a wider range of durable prototypes, production tools, and end use parts. This new digital workflow unlocks greater design freedom, supply chain resiliency and rapid implementation that traditional manufacturing methods cannot compete with.

“We believe that our rapidly expanding collaboration with LOCTITE, now spanning six materials, coupled with our demonstrated 20X productivity gains achieved by our ultrafast NXE400 3Dprinter and up to 85% lower total cost of ownership, delivers higher productivity, better extended life functionality and exceptional economics.” 
Kevin McAlea, Chief Operating Officer, Nexa3D.

xPP405 Black

  • Semi-rigid plastic with performance similar to unfilled propylene
  • Good impact resistance
  • 130% tensile elongation at failure
  • Industrial black finish
  • Excellent UV Weathering Stability*

*characterized by ASTM G154 testing 

xPP405 Clear

  • Modulus similar to polypropylene
  • Heat deflection temperature between 50°C to 60°C
  • 130% tensile elongation at failure
  • Can be finished for enhanced clarity
  • Excellent UV Weathering Stability

*characterized by ASTM G154 testing 

xPEEK 147

  • Tough material with good surface finish
  • High temperature resistance of up to 230°C
  • Thermally stable for long periods of time
  • Good solvent resistance
  • High dimensional stability

These three new functional photopolymers are immediately available through Nexa3D’s growing network of resellers.  Use the links below to find more resources on our latest announcement, including the full press release and direct access to Nexa3D’s e-shop.  If your organization is interested in collaborating with Henkel’s Loctite 3D Printing, please email to

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