Press Releases

Henkel introduces Loctite 3D MED3394, a novel solution for post-sterilization durability

June 11, 2024  Düsseldorf, Germany

With the introduction of Loctite 3D MED3394 Henkel has launched a further innovation within its growing portfolio of medical-grade resins for 3D printing.  The novel resin represents a significant advancement, notable for its robust resistance against sterilization methods that commonly challenge other photopolymers in the market. Following up to 25 autoclave cycles, Loctite 3D MED3394 preserves mechanical properties and dimensional stability, alongside high feature accuracy and low solvent absorption. This resin ensures reliable performance in demanding medical applications.

Henkel Loctite 3D Printing launches novel innovative materials for industrial applications at Formnext

October 21, 2023  Düsseldorf, Germany

Henkel will introduce four new products to its growing portfolio of photopolymer resins for 3D Printing at Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt. The novel innovative materials are set to make a significant impact in many types of industries, offering exceptional performance and versatility.

Henkel and Prodways collaborate to bring Loctite resins to ProMaker LD machines for industrial parts manufacturing

September 20, 2022 Düsseldorf, Germany

Today, Henkel is announcing a collaboration with a new ecosystem partner, Prodways. Based in France, Prodways is a manufacturer of DLP 3D printing technologies, known for their patented DLP MOVINGLight®(MovingLight) technology. With this new collaboration, users can access Loctite’s high-performance 3D printing resins on the Prodways’ industrial platform to further enable the production of ultra-precise parts..

Desktop Metal and Henkel announce the onboarding of Loctite branded formulations on the Xtreme 8k machine

August 23, 2022  Düsseldorf, Germany

Desktop Metal and Henkel have announced the first initial workflow validations on the Xtreme 8K, the largest DLP build volume machine for the 3D Printing market. Over the past two years, the companies have collaborated on various unique applications on ETEC’s printer platforms for industrial and medical use. The onboarding of Loctite branded formulations represents both partners’ strategic vision to support volume production in additive manufacturing.

Henkel joins the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA)

August 16, 2022  Düsseldorf, Germany

Henkel has joined the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) to promote the environmental benefits of Additive Manufacturing (AM) throughout all stages of the ecosystem. The membership of the company´s Loctite 3D Printing business underlines the commitment to sustainability initiatives and aims to open up discussions on the environmental benefits of additive design and foster the adoption of (AM) in the future.

iMakr to expand supply of Loctite 3D Printing solutions from Henkel to more regions

May 16, 2022  Düsseldorf, Germany

Today, iMakr have announced that they have joined forces with Henkel to expand their distribution network to include the US and the Nordic region, including Finland, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark. The company already has been supplying Loctite 3D Printing resins for the UK & Ireland since last year.

Henkel and Nexa3D Sign Material Development Agreement for Next-Generation Functional Polymer

November 11, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany and Ventura, California

Henkel and Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer 3D printers, today announced the signing of a new material development agreement. The two companies plan to develop next-generation functional polymers that leverage their combined technologies specifically targeting volume production opportunities in industrial casting, footwear, medical, and consumer goods industries.


Henkel Launches SLA 3D Printing Resin for Open Material Platforms

November 10, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

Henkel is expanding their range of high-performance photopolymer materials by introducing Loctite 3D IND408, designed for Stereolithography (SLA) technology. With longstanding experience in photopolymer chemistry, this new addition allows users to expand their opportunities for the next phase of scalable and reliable industrial solutions. This material is ideal for producing highly detailed parts with isotropic properties and low moisture absorption at incredible speeds.


Henkel Launches novel 3D Printing Resins for Healthcare Applications

October 19, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

Henkel launches a new class of 3D Printing resins for healthcare applications under its leading Loctite brand. The broad portfolio of high-performance photopolymers offers a range of biocompatibility standards from safe to touch parts to medical devices. In addition to the established portfolio of Loctite 3D Printing resins, the company innovates to deliver tailored formulations to fit the specific application requirements and market demands for optimized production.

Henkel and Nexa3D announce expanded collaboration to jointly develop turnkey AM production systems

September 15, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

Full scale additive manufacturing customer center, NEXTFACTORY in Ventura CA, in partnership with Henkel. Co-located within the Nexa3D global headquarters, NEXTFACTORY provides current and potential customers with direct access to every aspect of the additive polymer manufacturing (AM) process, from design decision support and optimization to full scale additive manufacturing operations including integrated post processing technologies, material formulation customization, color matching and a variety of finishing options.

Henkel and Nexa3D teamed up with French start-up WeMed for 3D Printing Innovation

September 9, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer 3D printers, today announced that it partnered with functional polymers leader Henkel to produce the world’s first additively manufactured connected SKOP® stethoscope for WeMed. The SKOP is a medical device for remote auscultation. It provides excellent listening quality, essential for emergency situations and for isolated patients. SKOP takes inspiration from nature, using a biomimetic design based on the human ear to maximize performance. The SKOP geometry can only be additively manufactured using ultrafast 3D printing.

Nexa3D and Henkel Launch xFLEX 475 Photo-Elastic Material

July 15, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer 3D printers, announced today in partnership with Henkel, the commercial availability of xFLEX 475, a category leading soft rubber material that is ideal for the production of additively manufactured industrial and consumer products. Within the high growth elastomers market, customers can now access this industrial strength material for applications that require resilience, snap back and tear resistance, such as pipes and manifolds, handles, and grips, seals, and gaskets or sportswear and footwear midsoles.

Henkel 3D Printing Facilities Achieve Quality Standard for Medical Device Manufacturers

July 8, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

Henkel’s Concord laboratory and Dixon production facilities in California, USA, which are dedicated to developing and manufacturing resins for 3D printing, have achieved ISO 13485:2016 certification, an international quality standard that enables medical device manufacturers to specify and implement process and production controls, in addition to providing them with documentation and traceability. In Henkel’s case specifically, it covers the design and manufacturing of biocompatible resins and other materials used to produce non-implantable medical devices.

GENERA and Henkel collaborate to Further Drive End-Use Production in Additive Manufacturing

May 4, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

GENERA recently joined Henkel’s Open Materials Platform with the intention of providing additive manufacturing solutions at production scale. Both companies, working collaboratively, are combing their respective areas of focus to create the next level of solutions for automotive and healthcare industries. Combining GENERA’s expertise in 3D printing equipment and software and Henkel’s innovative expertise in materials the companies are creating new applications in the automotive industry and more.

Onyx PRO410 for Prosumers

Phrozen Joins Henkel’s Open Materials to Drive LCD 3D Printing Market

April 29, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

Phrozen, a Taiwan-based LCD 3D Printing company, has joined Henkel´s Open Materials Platform. The companies aim to combine Phrozen´s mono-LCD technology, offering high speed and precision, with Henkel´s high resolution photopolymers to empower professionals, hobbyists, and 3D Printing enthusiasts across markets.

Henkel 3D Printing Facility Drives Sustainability by Achieving Zero Waste to Landfill Status 

April 20, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

Henkel’s Dixon facility in California, USA, the global center of excellence for the manufacture of resins for 3D printing, has achieved zero production waste to landfill (ZWTL) status. The production waste at the site includes a variety of non-hazardous materials including cardboard, paper and other packaging materials, which are recycled.

iMakr to Supply LOCTITE 3D Printing Solutions from Henkel

March 23, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

iMakr has joined forces with Henkel as a Tier 1 channel partner for UK and Ireland. In addition, the company also supplies Loctite 3D printing materials in the US, Germany, Denmark and France. As a leading provider of best-in-class 3D printers, materials, scanners, and additive services, this new partnership is enabling Henkel to access to new market of prosumer users.

Automated Resin Removal Solution - DEMI 800

PostProcess Joins Forces with Henkel to Support Optimized Workstreams via Automated Post-Printing

March 18, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany.

PostProcess Technologies Inc., the first and only provider of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing, and Henkel, a global leading provider of advanced materials and services for additive manufacturing, have announced a collaboration to better assist companies in revolutionizing their resin 3D printing workstreams with automated post-printing.


Nexa3D and Henkel launch new class of photoplastics for high-performance 3D Printing

February 9, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany and Ventura, California USA.

Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast stereolithography production 3D printers, and Henkel today announced an expansion of their partnership with Henkel to immediately deliver three new performance photopolymer materials through its expanding Nexa3D channels globally. Nexa3D’s further collaboration with Henkel leverages their combined capabilities to fast-track additive manufacturing towards mass production of functional parts across multiple industries, leveraging productivity advantages of its ultrafast NXE 400 3D printer.

Asiga 3D Printer

Asiga and Henkel drive additive manufacturing solutions for industrial production

January 27, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany

Since the inception of Henkel’s collaborative partnership with Asiga in July of 2020, both companies have be focused on pushing the threshold of production level Additive Manufacturing by optimizing printing processes with high performance materials and workflow validations. Today, we are excited to drive industrial applications with the newest material validation for Asiga Max or PRO 4K printers, Loctite 3955.

Parts printed in LOCTITE 3843 with InterPRO

Henkel and InterPro Expand Collaboration for Application Development 

January 19, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany and Deep River, Connecticut USA.

Henkel and InterPRO Additive Manufacturing, a service bureau based in Connecticut, USA, are expanding their partnership to drive the adoption of 3D printing solutions in industrial markets. As part of the collaboration InterPRO will serve as an Application Development Partner, accelerating the commercialization process for large opportunities in additive manufacturing.


Keystone and Henkel to launch new 3D dental modeling resin

January 12, 2021  Düsseldorf, Germany and Gibbstown, New Jersey USA.

As part of their ongoing collaboration for 3D printing applications in the dental industry, Keystone Industries and Henkel have developed KeyModel Ultra. This next generation of 3D dental modeling resin offers a new level of accuracy, detail, and speed. KeyModel Ultra is formulated for rapid printing and fast post curing and is also designed to reduce peel forces, which increases print accuracy.