Excellence in Photopolymer Resins for 3D Printing

High Performance Materials Designed for End-Use Applications
High performance materials accessible on a wide variety of DLP and LCD platforms.
Our network of OEM partners, service bureaus and distributors to enable broad market access of our materials
Find detailed workflow guidance outlining the additive process on various ecosystem platforms, from printer settings to post-processing.
Functionalize parts with bonding, coating, cleaning, infiltration and impregnation solutions.

Industrial Experts

With over 100 years of application expertise from the Henkel adhesive business, LOCTITE 3D Printing is leveraging deep application knowledge to develop high-performance photopolymer materials, transforming unique needs into scalable manufacturing processes.

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LOCTITE Materials In Real World Applications

Our photopolymer materials provided the proper the solution to create end-use parts for many customers, from established manufacturers to start-ups. Explore our gallery of case studies to about our application success stories.