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Empowering you to challenge the status quo of additive manufacturing in healthcare. We deliver open materials platform of high-performance photopolymers ranging from engineering materials for healthcare equipment components to biocompatible materials for medical applications.

Get started now on healthcare additive manufacturing with Loctite and move on from R&D to production at a faster pace.

Application categories

Medical Devices

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LOCTITE 3DP Application Case Distek Controller Image May 2019

Reliable and safe support system for your additive manufacturing needs in the healthcare industry. We empower our customers to deliver quality and production efficiency.

  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Biocompatibility testing
  • Certifications and Standards
  • Aligning medical industry standards with ISO13485 design and production capabilities.
  • Support for regulatory processes
  • Resources.

High Performance Photopolymers for Healthcare

Every application has its own needs, and we are here to support your journey towards additive manufacturing as per your demand. We work with industry leaders and equipment manufacturers to ensure our materials are qualified with a validated workflow. LOCTITE photopolymers can be tailored to suit your specific healthcare application to ensure safe and reliable functioning and for the intended use.

Medical Devices

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High Impact 

Strong, Durable, Wear Resistant, Biocompatible


Tough & Durable

Resistance to external weather conditions, Biocompatible


Soft Elastomer

Excellent elongation and tear strength

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Tough High Impact Resin

A high performance, high modulus material

Enablers for Healthcare Applications


3172 Gray

Durable & High Impact

Basic biocompatibility achievable

3843 White

Tough & Durable

Basic biocompatibility achievable


IND405 Clear

High Elongation with Toughness

Basic biocompatibility acheivable

IND406 Black

High Temperature Resistance with High Elongation

Basic biocompatibility achievable

IND475 White

Easy to print

Snap back, tear resistance  & safe to touch

PRO410 Black

Fast Printing and Rigid Prototyping Resin

High accuracy & safe to touch

Accelerating innovation with resin customization

Henkel can develop customized resins for specific applications for healthcare including medical devices and other enabler applications.

  • Fit to your design & application
  • Dedicated teams and ecosystems to drive industrialization of additive
  • Ability to define requirements together with Henkel and printer manufacturers to fine tune parameters, adjust and test materials to meet your needs
  • Diverse materials properties for consideration: mechanical behaviour, color or biocompatibility.
SKOP Device

World’s first additively manufactured connected SKOP stethoscope

Based on biomimicry design and produced on the NXE400 ultrafast 3D printer using custom-made Henkel resin. WeMed SKOP is the world’s first connected stethoscope to be additively manufactured in its entirety at scale, with production volumes to exceed 100,000 units per annum. The SKOP is a medical device for remote auscultation. It provides excellent listening quality, essential for emergencies and isolated patients. SKOP takes inspiration from nature, using a biomimetic design based on the human ear to maximize performance.


Intended use is the primary driver of all medical/healthcare application considerations. These include biocompatibility requirements, type of skin contact, how long is this part in skin contact-Temporary, permanent, sterilization, would the design need clearance for use and/or clinically review.
Henkel’s Concord laboratory and Dixon production facilities in California, USA, which are dedicated to developing and manufacturing resins for 3D printing, have achieved ISO 13485:2016 certification.
Henkel materials support for Class I and Class II medical devices and healthcare equipment/components that require biocompatibility or safe to touch.
  • Prototypes, Development, and non‐patient interaction tools
  • Anatomic models for education
  • Wearables and Hearing Aids
  • External prosthetics and assistive devices
  • Dental applications by our partners Keystone Industries
  • Surgical planning (anatomic models, surgical guides)
Class III medical devices are not handled by Henkel’s additive manufacturing solutions for Healthcare.
Biocompatibility is assessed in the broader context of such factors as the intended use – safe to touch or on body components - location of a device in or on a patient, how manufacturing processes‐‐‐including 3D printing and post‐processing‐‐‐have impacted the chemistry of a material, and how degradation products of that initial material can affect the patient. For our materials, you will find the test results and biocompatibility features in our Technical Data Sheet (TDS).
Please refer to our Printer and Post processing settings to get the detailed workflow.