OEM Partner — Fortify

The Fortify team developed Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) to unlock new material properties that cannot be achieved with 3D printed photopolymers alone. They achieve these properties by suspending and aligning Functional Additives (particles and reinforcing fibers) in a resin matrix during printing.  Working closely with the Fortify team, we have developed customized formulations of Loctite materials, optimized specifically for their unique printing technology. Fortify’s open materials platform open up a wide range of material properties at high resolution.

FLUX ONE door closed

Flux One

DCM Printer

Fortify’s FLUX ONE printer brings the next level of performance to additive manufacturing with its proprietary CKM (Continuous Kinetic Mixing) and Fluxprint magnetic alignment technologies.

  • Build volume: 8 in (x) x 4.5 in (y) x 13 in (z) / 203.7 mm x 114.6 mm x330 mm
  • Z (layer height) resolution: 10 – 250 µm
  • XY (pixel pitch) resolution : 75 µm
  • CKM features an onboard mixer that keeps fiber and other functional additives in uniform suspension throughout a part.
  • Fluxprint magnetic alignment uses a magnetic field to align fibers in a resin matrix. This unique ability to control fiber orientation throughout a part is unprecedented in any manufacturing technology.
  • Applications: Mold tools with high cross sections and end use parts that require enhanced mechanical performance (strength, stiffness, toughness, wear, and heat deflection temperature) as well as thermal and electrical properties.