Asiga and Henkel Drive Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Industrial Production

Asiga and Henkel Drive Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Industrial Production

Since the inception of Henkel’s collaborative partnership with Asiga in July of 2020, both companies have be focused on pushing the threshold of production level Additive Manufacturing by optimizing printing processes with high performance materials and workflow validations. Today, we are excited to drive industrial applications with the newest material validation for Asiga Max or PRO 4K printers, Loctite 3955. This validation provides our customers access to produce functional, reliable, and repeatable parts with mechanical properties to withstand harsh environments. Loctite 3955 meets the fire, smoke and toxicity safety standard UL’s 94V-0 and the industry leading aerospace 12 and 60 second vertical burn tests and applicable for many industries, including aerospace, automotive and transportation.

“Henkel continues to unlock applications with an innovative approach to material development providing Asiga customers access to the next generation of 3D printing materials,” says Graham Turner, Global Director – Operations at Asiga.

To showcase this material, LithoLabs a Germany-based Asiga reseller has been working with ERNI, an electronic connector manufacturer to create functional prototypes for the backshells of printed circuit boards using Loctite 3955. Using Asiga technology with high accuracy printing and Loctite 3955, these prototypes provides fine surface details for intricate designs and the ability to withstand the heat associated with surface mounted electronics. Using this process,  the manufacturer was able to iterate designs and get approvals significantly faster compared to their traditional processes of injection molding metal tools.

Reach out to us to explore the many industrial applications that are now accessible using Asiga’s DLP printing technology and Loctite high performance photopolymers visit or one of its authorized resellers, including German-based Litholabs. To see how your organization can collaborate with Henkel’s Loctite 3D Printing, please email to

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