Sisma Validates Henkel’s Loctite Resins on its DLP 3D Printer Everes

Sisma Validates Henkel’s Loctite Resins on its DLP 3D Printer Everes

Sisma, a leading Italian manufacturer of DLP 3D printing equipment, has announced that they will open up their systems to third party resins introducing the compatibility with Loctite 3D 3843 HT60 High Toughness material on their Everes DLP 3D Printer. Everes DLP 3D printers recently switched from a closed to an open platform, enabling its users to access the latest materials on the market and source them directly from the resin manufacturers. Sisma has successfully converted many production parts from traditional manufacturing technologies to DLP 3D printing with Henkel LOCTITE materials.


“Sisma is a very innovative Italian company which has decided to change their strategy from a closed to an open material platform. They approached us recognizing our advanced functional industrial DLP resins and our current market position. We immediately identified their well established DLP printer in the market and their footprint which was a perfect match for us, especially as Italy’s 3D printing market is continuing to grow rapidly. Everything is about timing and this collaboration is a great example of perfect timing with the help of a very motivated team behind Sisma”

Vittorio Medolago, Business Development Manager, 3D Printing

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