Connected SKOP Stethoscope

case-studies Description

Collaboration enables the production of the first additively manufactured connected SKOP stethoscope for tele-medicine.

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 crisis, French start-up WeMed knew there was an opportunity to quickly respond to the accelerating demand for diagnostic medical devices that supported teleconsulting and remote monitoring. WeMed designed a connected SKOP stethoscope that used a biomimetic design based on the human ear to maximize performance. However, the specific geometry of the SKOP design could only be achieved with additive manufacturing.

The Solution

WeMED teamed up with manufacturing experts, Third, to find the right printing technology for their application. WeMed and Third ultimately selected Nexa3D‘s ultra-fast production printers and Loctite customized resin for this application. The Nexa3D printers offered the ability to produce high-quality parts with a significant speed and economic advantage. The Henkel LOCTITE team provided a customized material in just 30 days, providing the productivity, reproducibility, and precision to support full-scale product production.


  • Customized resin developed quickly enabled a faster time to market.
  • Production-level solution can produce volumes of up to 100,000 parts per year.
  • Additive manufacturing solution was more efficient and cost-effective than traditional manufacturing manufacturing

Developed together with

WeMed France