New Fortify ESD Material, powered by LOCTITE

Fortify ESD

New Fortify ESD Material, powered by LOCTITE

Our partners at Fortify have launched a new material, ESD High Temperature! This new material, powered by LOCTITE, is the latest addition to Fortify’s Electronic Materials portfolio. It enables manufacturers to produce jigs, fixtures, trays, and assembly aids quickly and efficiently in applications that require rigorous ESD safety requirements to protect sensitive electronics.

The new material offers the highest heat deflection temperature available of other ESD resins available in additive manufacturing. By leveraging the power of Continuous Kinetic Mixing Module (CKM) and Fluxprint, Fortify can incorporate fibers for mechanical reinforcements and a precise amount of conductive filler into a customized base resin from LOCTITE to create this new ESD material without comprising integrity.

By combining the power of DLP technology with Fortify’s unique process, the parts are created with a superior surface finish that is non-marring, making it a suitable candidate for end-use enclosures, SMT nozzles, and autoclave material handling.

With this latest development, Fortify is just scratching the surface of what their high HDT ESD-safe material can accomplish. Suppose you are interested in learning more about this new and unique ESD material. In that case, you can learn more in our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, April 26th at 11:00 AM EST, When and Why to use a 3D Printable High-Temperature ESD Safe Photopolymer.

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