Keystone Launches KeyModel Ultra, in alliance with LOCTITE 3D

Keystone Launches KeyModel Ultra, in alliance with LOCTITE 3D

Together with our partners at Keystone Industries, we are enabling solutions additive manufacturing solutions for the dental market. The all new KeyModel Ultra resin, in alliance with LOCTITE, offers substantial improvements over the competitor offerings, with a dramatically reduced cost per model and ultra fast print times.

  • Dramatically-reduced cost per model
  • Ultra-fast print time
  • Precision Prints
  • No release agent required for thermoforming
  •  Available in ivory and light grey

KeyModel Ultra features unparelleled accuracy, detail, and speed. Additionally, It is formulated for rapid print layers and fast post curing. The resin is designed to reduce peel forces which increases the accuracy of prints. For this reason, KeyModel Ultra does not require release agents for thermoforming aligners and other devices. Overall, the flawless detail ensures that all thermoformed devices fit perfectly while still offering a low cost per model.

To view printers that have this new resin validated, check out our printer validation page. Read the full press release, view the product brochure, or go directly to Keystone’s website to order using the links below!

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