Webinar on Nasopharyngeal Swabs – Origin/Henkel

Webinar on Nasopharyngeal Swabs – Origin/Henkel

Open Additive Mass Manufacturing of FDA Compliant NP Swabs. How to bring a new medical device to market in weeks.

When COVID-19 hit the U.S., an already stretched supply chain was unable to meet the demand for NP Swabs used in COVID-19 test kits, this resulted in a call for help from medical institutions for alternative sources. Origin was one of the first companies to bring an effective, clinically validated 3D Printed swab to market, this was only possible with help from equipment partners, innovative medical institutions, and resin manufacturer, Henkel.

Testing, validating, and scaling a 3D printed part into the 100’s of thousands in just a few weeks took an enormous amount of collaboration and ingenuity. In this webinar, Origin CEO Chris Prucha and Henkel’s Head of Innovation, Ken Kisner will walk viewers through the workflow and manufacturing validation that enabled additive mass manufacturing of an FDA compliant medical device.

Discover how:

  • Open platforms can accelerate product development and production
  • Leverage material partner’s strengths by working directly and in parallel
  • To use automation to remove post-processing bottlenecks
  • Set up a QMS for additive and ramp up production according to FDA compliant, Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)

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