Genera Announces Stratasys as a New Investor

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Genera Announces Stratasys as a New Investor

Our ecosystem partners are making exciting announcements at FormNext 2021. On Tuesday, November 16th, Genera announced that Stratasys is now an investor and partner to help accelerate photopolymer additive manufacturing. Genera provides a unique automated solution to the market, combining printing and post-processing technologies into a single unit. Stratasys believes process automation is the key to unlocking production-scale additive manufacturing, and this new partnership with Genera can drive advanced possibilities.

With Stratasys on board as a new investor, Genera plans to grow the install base of their G2/F2 units, enter new markets worldwide, develop new software features and functions, and scale-up infrastructure and production capabilities.

Use the link below to access the full press release for more details.

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