Purps the Penguin is Healing with 3D Printing

Purps Exhibit at Mystic

Purps the Penguin is Healing with 3D Printing

The LOCTITE 3D Printing team collaborated with ACT 3D Equipment and Service and other community partners to support the healing journey of Purps, an endangered African Penguin living at Mystic Aquarium.

ACT 3D worked with local middle school students to design a special boot to provide Purps support while her injury healed. While the design functioned well, the original material was highly susceptible to wear and tear and needed to be replaced frequently.

LOCTITE 3D Printing delivered a custom elastic resin to withstand the environmental impact of everyday life for Purps while still providing the support she needed.

Read the full story on our Henkel North American Spotlight page to learn more and hear insight from LOCTITE, ACT 3D, and Mystic Aquarium.

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