LOCTITE 3955 for Asiga Printers Featured in Pinfa Newsletter

Asiga 3D Printer

LOCTITE 3955 for Asiga Printers Featured in Pinfa Newsletter

Pinfa is the Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association, a group of global flame retardant manufacturers and users committed to fire safety and improving the health and environmental profiles of products. Members of Pinfa create a continuous dialogue with users of these specific flame retardants to identify needs and technologies that can support.

We are very pleased to have LOCTITE 3955 HDT280 FST, validated for Asiga printers, featured in their March newsletter! In the newsletter, they make note that this material is the first photopolymer that passes vertical burn and aerospace FST standards, highlight how this material meets the low-smoke and demanding performance requirements.

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Using validated workflows for LOCTITE 3955 HDT280 on both the Asiga MAX and Pro4K printers, a Swiss electronics company specializing in connectors was able to 3D print the backshell component for circuit boards. Use the links below to see the feature or to learn more about the case study.

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