Webinar on 3D Printing Medical- Nexa3D/Henkel

Webinar on 3D Printing Medical- Nexa3D/Henkel

3D Printing Leadership Forum: Advances and Breakthroughs in 3D Printed Medical Equipment and Device Materials

3D printing has introduced all kinds of new possibilities for developing stronger and lightweighted equipment but we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. These past few months have driven the industry to new realms of creativity with the need to quickly deliver medical supplies, devices and materials. With new lightweight, sturdy materials designed to withstand impact, moisture and vibration, access to lower cost medical equipment is becoming more widely available thanks to 3D printing.

Watch the entire recording from the virtual forum discussing:

• What are the new possibilities for 3D printing medical equipment and devices?
• What benefits does 3D printing offer these products?
• What advantages does 3D printed medical materials provide beyond traditional manufacturing

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