Mask Adapter for PPE Shortages

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Mask adapter for PPE shortages

The Challenge

During COVID 19 pandemic a fast response  with producing PPE  (personal protective equipment) was needed​. The customer wanted to produce face mask adapters that mates with off the shelf filter components – a quick validation of the prototype to go into mass production was needed.

The Solution

Henkel customized high temperature resin, HDT at 220C, 3X stiffer. With the High Temp material Fortify produces 3DP mold to produce the face mask adapters.


  • Reduced lead time from 14 to 3 days​
  • Cost reduction from $2000 to $300 ​
  • 3D printed mold* is offering ​
  • Stiffness/robustness, ​performance
  • Cost competitive ​

* Only 25 parts were needed for design validation of this project, mold tool is available to produce more.

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