End-Use Part for Head Lice Treatment

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Reduce Development and Production Costs In Half While Maintaining Quality in New Head Lice Treatment Device

The Challenge

FloSonix Ventures approached Enventys Partners with the need to design and manufacture a new head lice treatment device offering a better user experience with improved ergonomics for technicians. With a projected demand for 200-300 devices annually, and each device requiring many plastic components, the costs associated with traditional tooling, injection molding, and manufacturing were unjustified. Enventys Partners turned to additive manufacturing experts, Stratasys and Henkel, from the beginning to achieve cost-savings without sacrificing product quality.

The Solution

Using the Origin One printer,  Stratasys was able to leverage the full materials portfolio of Henkel 3D Printing resins to meet the device requirements. LOCTITE 3D 3843 HDT60 High Toughness, LOCTITE 3D IND403 HDT80 High Modulus and LOCTITE MED413* matched FloSonix’s requirements for toughness, temperature and color needs in a single device, providing high part dimensional stability and an exceptional surface finish. The final material is also sterilizable, allowing FloSonix to reusable tips for head lice treatment, instead of one-time-use consumables.


  • Design freedom and control, including component consolidation, adding assembly features, and final tuning parameters
  • Achieved cost-savings without sacrificing product quality
  • Initial prototyping and end-use manufacturing accomplished on a single printing platform (Origin)


*more information coming soon

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