Faceshields for frontline workers

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Nexa3D utilizes LOCTITE 3D Printing material to deliver rapid Innovation - COVID19 Response

The Challenge

Depleting supplies of PPE (face shields) for front line workers during Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in increased demand on supplies causing significantly longer lead times on orders.​ The supply chains’ ability to respond to rapidly changing situation is limited.

The Solution

Nexa3D and Henkel/LOCTITE 3D Printing now jointly work on ultra-fast production enabling a much faster response to the COVID-19 pandemic delivering additional supplies.​

High throughput production is facilitated by:​

  • Rapid print speed and large build volume (NXE 400)​
  • Resin high print accuracy & function (flexural & tensile)​
  • Great Printer/Great Resin + Validated Workflow = Creative Solution


Tens of thousands of parts are produced and shipped every week to workers at several medical facilities.

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