Customized Project for Molds

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Customized Molds for Fast Response

The Challenge

The customer needed to test a new design where fast iteration of injection molds and short run production was needed. High HDT & toughness were critical requirements to meet thermal cycling specifications​. Fortify’s printer (with patented magnetic 3D Printing process) can enable the production of composite parts in a DLP process, with glass filled resins (up to 15%). The process allows to control fibers alignment, voxel by voxel.

The Solution

Henkel customized high temperature resin IND147, HDT at 220 °C, is 3X stiffer leveraging the Fortify technology. Fortify produced a 3DP mold as a final part​. The first successful trial was completed in Henkel´s plant in Richmond in 2020.


3D printed mold is offering:

  • Stiffness/robustness
  • Fast throughput and ability to test geometries with final material
  • Cost competitive options vs. traditional manufacturing
  • Durability, ability to use it for multiple cycles

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