Enhancing Tooling and Respiratory Adapters

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Enhancing Tooling and Respiratory Adapters

The Challenge

H&T Presspart approached Excelencia-tech with a highly demanding challenge. They sought technology capable of achieving 50-micron tolerances and surface finishes similar to injection molding. Additionally, the technology needed to print various materials, including PP-like substances, ABS, elastomers, transparent materials, and biocompatible-certified materials.

The Solution

H&T Presspart’s integration of P3™ DLP technology streamlined production. Agile adjustments in internal tooling were facilitated, and the technology sped up precise prototyping with enhanced material flexibility like Loctite 3D IND405. Henkel elastomers, including Loctite 3D IND 402 and 475, efficiently supported respiratory device manufacturing, eliminating outsourcing delays. This highlights H&T Presspart’s success in efficient and flexible production solutions.


Stratasys Origin® One transformed H&T Presspart’s production, delivering a 50% cost reduction for tooling and 80% for adapters. This 3D print capability enabled rapid mass production of precise end-use parts, comparable to traditional methods. With minimal support, reduced lead times, and quick downstream processing, together, Stratsys and Henkel kept H&T Presspart at the forefront of design and development, achieving what seemed impossible.

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