Prosumer Market Unlocked with Phrozen and Onyx Rigid PRO410

Onyx PRO410 for Prosumers

Prosumer Market Unlocked with Phrozen and Onyx Rigid PRO410

Until now, the prosumer 3D printing market has been lacking suitable materials that offer speed, precision, and high-grade mechanical properties. By adding Phrozen, a Taiwan-based LCD 3D Printing company, we are seeking to change the status quo around consumer 3D Printing.

With this new partnership, we are combining Phrozen‘s expertise in ultra fast 3D Printing with high-resolution LCD technology and Henkel’s experiences in creating high-quality materials to empower professionals, hobbyists, and 3D printing enthusiasts to create high quality models for prototyping, DIY projects, and more!

Using Onyx Rigid Pro410, available for purchase on Amazon, the consumer market can benefit from  photopolymer 3D printing that offers high-resolution featured, exceptional surface finish, and extremely high print accuracy. Using this material that offers engineering-grade properties at a consumer price, users can experience print times by to three times faster than traditional prototyping resins. With validated workflows available for the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K and Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K printers, users can access detailed print settings to ensure a successful build with every print.

Onyx 410 Packshot
Simon Mawson

We are thrilled to have Phrozen join Henkel´s Open Materials Platform, by combining our new range of Loctite PROfessional resins with Phrozen’s consumer friendly LCD, we can now deliver higher productivity, performance and cost-effective solutions for the prosumer market.” Simon Mawson, Senior Vice President and Global Head of 3D Printing at Henkel. 

Phrozen and Henkel will continue to introduce similar resins with stronger capabilities and functional characteristics to further enable the prosumer and DIY maker market in the coming future, so stay tuned! To read the full press announcement on the new partnership, or purchase your bottle of Onyx PRO410 now, use the links below!

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