Origin Wins in Additive Manufacturing Olympics with Henkel Materials

Origin Wins in Additive Manufacturing Olympics with Henkel Materials

Our OEM partner, Origin, recently competed in the U.S Air Force Additive Manufacturing Olympics, in collaboration with Stress Engineering Services, and nTopology. The technical challenge presented was to redesign and verify a series of hydraulic tube clamps (hydroclamps) used in the F-16 series of aircrafts. Since these parts regularly wear out due to vibration, chemical exposure, and heat, it is crucial that replacement parts be readily available. Traditional manufacturing methods and supply chain logistics make it difficult to effectively maintain the aircraft fleet, so a rapid development solution was needed.

Origin and their partners used additive manufacturing expertise and LOCTITE 3955 FST to create an optimized, yet lightweight hydroclamps. With the power of Origin’s additive manufacturing systems, the teams were able to create 30 iterations of the part in less than 30 days. By using a variety of a digital manufacturing tools, such as CAD and stress analysis, the resigned part was 5% lighter while still handling 2 times the load of the legacy design.

After diligent simulations, testings, and iterations, the new design fulfilled the requirements set by the AFRSO and aerospace engineering standards, passing the initial flight qualification step. Origin, Stress Engineering Services and nTopology were awarded the grand prize for their work in the Approval Sprints category of the competition.  While this was no easy feat for the team, this application is a testament to how much can be achieved when cutting-edge additive manufacturing materials and platforms are combined with trusted design principals.

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