Henkel expands collaboration with InterPRO for application development

Parts printed in LOCTITE 3843 with InterPRO

Henkel expands collaboration with InterPRO for application development

Today, we are proud to announce the expansion of our partnership with InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group, a service bureau located in Deep River, CT. With InterPRO’s recent acquisition of an Origin printer, they have entered the DLP space with access to Henkel’s portfolio of photopolymer resins. Together with InterPRO, we are working to further the adoption, acceleration, and commercialization for industrial additive manufacturing applications.

“We have learned over the years that asking our clients to adopt new processes and materials requires a cohesive ecosystem of printers, service and material partners,” says Dan Straka, President of InterPRO. “Henkel has come to the market with an incredible range of engineered materials that push the boundaries of what photo-cured thermosets have typically offered in the past. Between the advanced materials and support, InterPRO has been able to deliver production worthy, customer facing parts that rival traditional methods of production.”

With a proven record of successful collaborations, including a customized connector adapter for bioreactor, we aim to build a robust portfolio of industrial applications with InterPRO. With over two decades of additive manufacturing experience, InterPRO’s service expertise is a delightful compliment to Henkel’s broad portfolio of photopolymer resins. As more companies are looking to additive manufacturing to address the shortcomings of traditional methods, we are excited to further validate the many applications available in the industrial space with InterPRO! To learn more about InterPRO, or to read the full press release on Henkel.com, use the buttons below…

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