Henkel dx Ventures’ Xathon – #CHALLENGEACCEPTED

Henkel dx Ventures’ Xathon – #CHALLENGEACCEPTED

Henkel dx Ventures’ Xathon is Europe’s largest business hackathon for female founders. Because Xathon is evolving. Now in its fourth year, the whole concept of Xathon is changing to answer the individual needs of founders and their start-ups and to provide long-term support. Xathon is evolving from an inspirational event to a true action event. That’s why their watchword is: #challengeaccepted.

As they are gearing up for their fourth edition in September, they talked to some of the exciting women entrepreneurs who have accepted the challenge to build something new. One of these exciting women included Cindy Deekitwong, Global Head of Customer Experience & Market Intelligence of Incubator Business in the Adhesive Technologies business unit at Henkel.

Cindy discusses how she overcomes challenges as an intrapreneur, what strengths it takes to do that every day and how she places a special focus on the human aspect of her business.

“I’m passionate about using a human approach to marketing based on the “job-to-be-done” methodology, using omnichannel capabilities to obtain a picture of our users and create user experiences”

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