Hydroclamp for Aircraft Spare Parts

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Origin Uses LOCTITE 3955 to Create Spare Aircraft Parts

The Challenge

The U.S Air Force Additive Manufacturing Olympics presented a technical challenge to redesign and verify hydraulic tube clamps used in the F-16 series of aircraft. Due to high vibration, chemical exposure, and heat cycles, these parts require frequent replacements. However traditional manufacturing methods and supply chain logistics made it difficult and costly to have spare parts readily available. A rapid development solution was needed.

The Solution

Our OEM partner, Origin, worked with nTopology’s and Stress Engineering Services to redesign the part using LOCTITE 3955 FST, the first 3D photopolymer that passes vertical burn and aerospace FST standards. With the team’s expertise in digital design and LOCTITE’s advanced materials, the new part Fulfilled the requirements set by the AFRSO and aerospace engineering standards, passing the initial flight qualification step, leading Origin and their team to the grand prize.


  • The clamp is able to carry 2x the load of the legacy design while being 5% lighter.
  • 1000+ hydro clamps can be manufactured in 1 day on-demand and on-location.
  • FST photopolymer offers increased performance compared to conventional materials

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