PostProcess Technologies Partners with Henkel for Automated Post-Printing Solutions

PostProcess Technologies Partners with Henkel for Automated Post-Printing Solutions

Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership with PostProcess Technologies, the first and only provider of automated post-printing solutions for industrial 3D Printing. With their expertise in intelligent, data-driven post printing technologies and Henkel Loctite’s expansive portfolio of 3D resins and cleaning solutions, this partnership enables both companies to better serve their clients.

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By making use of Loctite’s 3D Printing workflow validation tool, which documents printer settings as well as post cleaning and curing settings, clients can achieve reliable and repeatable results, unlocking the ability to produce parts with consistent mechanical properties. With this tool, 3D printing can be used to create parts suitable for production or end-use applications.

Sam Bail, Henkel

“We are pleased to be collaborating with Post Process as they offer industrial solutions for post cleaning of photopolymer 3D resins. Part cleaning and chemical compatibility is a critical step toward achieving repeatable material performance as part of Henkel’s workflow validation.” – Sam Bail, Head of 3D Printing Sales and Partnership Programs at Henkel.

As a kick-off to this new partnership, PostProcess Technologies and Henkel have collaborated on a  recorded webinar titled “How Workflow Validation Enables Resin Additive Manufacturing at Scale: Unlocking Potential with Unique Chemistries and Automated Post-Printing.” This webinar features a deep dive into Loctite’s 3D Printing workflow tool as well as explore case studies for customers implementing Loctite resins and PostProcess’s automated resin removal solutions.

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