Henkel and Würth Industry Announce Industrial Collaboration

Henkel and Würth Industry Announce Industrial Collaboration

Today, Henkel and Würth Industry have announced an exciting industrial collaboration. The aim of this collaboration is to offer LOCTITE 3D printing resins from Henkel with the industrial supply solutions of Würth Industry Service in the B2B business segment on the EMEA market. Customers will now be able to purchase LOCTITE 3D printing products on the Würth Industry e-shop. As well as that, Würth Industry will focus on advising customers on the best material to suit their needs and what 3D printing platform will work best with that material.

“Würth has unique access to the B2B market, especially in Europe. We can strongly leverage their customer base with our advanced functional industrial resins. Würth is well-known for having one of the biggest sales organizations in the world and all these point of contacts with end customers are possible solutions points for 3DP as print-on-demand services, spare part, and inventory solutions as well as customized and flexible request. On top of that our resins are now also available in their e-shop and stored in their very impressive and fully automated facility in Bad Mergentheim, which allows a quick, fast, and reliable delivery for our local customers.”

Vittorio Medolago, Business Development Manager, 3D Printing, Henkel

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  • Ozgur Tanriverdi Reply

    Great collaboration Vittorio, this can bring us further leverage for some of our solutions that Wurth do not have in their portfolio. Looking forward to the first application cases with them.

    October 6, 2022 at 12:44 pm

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