Introducing Albert, Our Digital Colleague

Introducing Albert, Our Digital Colleague

Today, we are proud to introduce the newest member of our 3D Printing team, Albert. He’s very smart, lives in a cloud and even works 24 hours a day in research labs all across the globe.

Albert isn’t your typical colleague, he’s actually a state-of-the-art digital tools for material development. Albert’s key role is to collect harmonized data for every experiment and test, past and present at all of our 3D Printing facilities across the world.  With Albert’s data, our team of research expertise are leveraging this data to drive innovative solutions for our customers.

Darragh Fitzpatrick, Lab Manager and Innovation Leader for 3D Printing at our site in Dublin, Ireland, works with Albert every day. “I’ve been working in research and development teams at Henkel for almost 20 years – and Albert is something that’s really game changing,” Darragh says.


“My day-to-day working environment has been transformed, and there’s still huge potential for Albert to make our processes even leaner, faster and more collaborative.”

Darragh Fitzpatrick, Lab Manager and Innovation Leader for 3D Printing in Dublin, Ireland,  about his new digital colleague Albert.

By utilizing Albert, we were able to speed up our recent collaboration with Origin to create 3D printed nasal swabs for COVID-19 testing. With Albert’s artificial intelligence, it was possible to determine the best possible material in Henkel’s portfolio of over 16,000 formulations. This valuable insight allowed us to work with Origin to rapidly design and produce millions to nasopharyngeal test swabs, that are working global to combat COVID-19. The speed and agility of this 3D printing innvation could not be achieved by using traditional methods of production.

Albert is making an impact at every stage of our product development process. With extensive data, Albert supports of our team of engineers during projects through material research and design of experiment acceleration. Albert can also provide estimates on compositional costs of formulations instantly.  Albert also provide data regarding formulation and raw materials safety considerations. With live data available on all batches of raw materials, Albert helps our team plan activities and identify stock locations.

Overall, Albert is a one-of-a-kind laboratory management feature that ensures all formulations and tests are completed in a timely manner, in line with standard procedures to ensure consistent and reliable results every time!

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