3D Printing Makes Robots More Accessible

3D Printing Makes Robots More Accessible

Henkel LOCTITE 3D Printing recently collaborated with Orgin to 3D print parts for Ghost Robotics new line of robots.


Using an Origin One 3D printer and Henkel Loctite material, Ghost Robotics is now producing end-use parts for its exciting new Spirit series of robots. These highly capable, four-legged robots are designed to compete with much more expensive solutions from Boston Dynamics and ANYbotics, among others.  Additive manufacturing helps them produce end-use parts more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Beyond prototyping, the solution provided by Origin and Henkel allows them to manufacture finished pieces that are comparable in quality to parts that were previously CNC machined, at a quarter of the cost.

With the support of Henkel’s Open Materials Platform, Ghost Robotics can manufacture a wide-variety of components for the Spirit series. The back panels for example, require tough and durable properties. LOCTITE 3D Tough HDT80 3843 enables them to create parts that are able to better withstand the environmental conditions the robots are often exposed to. By contrast, the legs are often subjected to significant force. LOCTITE’s 3D 3172, a high impact material, was made to withstand the kind of stress that’s frequently placed on those parts.


Parts Produced on an Origin One 3D Printer using Henkel LOCTITE 3D Printing materials


Together, Origin and Henkel, are helping Ghost Robotics go to market without the investment in expensive tooling.

“This allows Ghost Robotics to deploy products into the field, test, get feedback, [and then] iterate on designs, while keeping costs low,” Chris Prucha, the founder and CEO of Origin recently told Digital Trends. “Origin’s 3D printing technology produces parts that are of injection-molding quality at a lower cost than traditional manufacturing.”

Learn more about how Henkel LOCTITE 3D Printing’s innovative Open Materials Program helps suppliers and customers deliver on the promise of additive manufacturing HERE


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