OEM Partner — Nexa3D

Nexa 3D is a bunch of passionate additive manufacturing practitioners that are committed to digitizing the world’s supply chain sustainably. NEXA 3D’s groundbreaking technology is shattering traditional 3D printing productivity barriers and opening the aperture of additive materials. NEXA 3D applies circular economy principles in every phase of otheir design and delivery process by rigorously measuring and improving on what matters; minimizing process waste, reducing energy consumption per part and working with our customers to reduce their overall carbon footprint.



DLP Printer

With an unprecedented 16L build volume, intelligent optimization, and Nexa3D’s revolutionary patented LSPc technology, the NXE 400 is the perfect printer for any application.

  • Print Tech: Continuous LSPc
  • Light Source: Structured Light Matrix
  • XY Scanning: 75 μm
  • Build Area: 280x165x400 mm (11×6.5×15.74 inch)
  • Z Resolution: 50/100/200 microns
  • Z Coordinate: Z-Axis and Vat