OEM Partner — NewPro 3D

NewPro3D is a Vancouver based company that focuses on ultra-fast 3D Printing of photopolymers. Their process can be used with a wide variety of materials, available for use on their DLP printing through strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading resin companies. NewPro3D continuously collaborates with Universities and Hospitals, where the accelerated rate of additive manufacturing contributes to better communication and procedures in radiology and dental departments.


NewPro NP1

DLP Printer

  • 405 nm UV LED
  • X,Y Resolution: 75 µm 
  • Z Resolution: 50 – 100 µm 
  • Build Envelope: 192x 120 x 300 mm
  • The Intelligent Liquid Interface (TM) is a membrane that speeds up the print process while reducing the suction forces traditionally acting on the print object as it prints. 
  • Broad material compatibility 
  • High print speeds (human skull in one hour)
  • Long membrane life
  • Ability to heat up the chamber for high viscosity resins
  • Minimal support structures
  • Fast post processing.