Driving Clear Innovation in Packaging

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Providing Clarity to Packaging Companies with 3D Printing

The Challenge

Traditionally, the packaging industry has use time-tested technologies like injection-molding and thermo-forming. The high costs associated with these processes means companies need to order at a higher production scales to minimize cost per piece. This methodology limits innovation and design freedom within the field, and does not fill the need for small batch production.

The Solution

Using a Carbon M2 3D printer and LOCTITE IND405 Clear, our service bureau partner ProtoCAM can create packaging prototypes faster than possible with other 3D printing technologies, such as SLA. Carbon’s continuous liquid interface technology allows parts to be created faster in various batch sizes, while LOCTITE IND405 Clear provided durability and good elongation in a clear material.


  • Printing time reduced from 32 hours down to just 6 hours, a saving for 75%
  • Outstanding clarity that can be enhanced with advanced finishing techniques
  • Superior UV resistance compared to other clear materials on the market

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