Connectors for End-Use Aerospace Application

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3D Printed Connectors that meet all Aerospace Requirements, including Flame Resistance

The Challenge

TE Connectivity, a global leader in the production of connectors and sensors, was approached by an existing customer with a unique application for helicopter connectors and holders. These connectors featured unique cabling design, which required a customized design holder. To meet all requirements for the end-customer, TE connectivity had to explore Additive Manufacturing technologies, as traditional manufacturing methods would not meet the timeline required for the project.

The Solution

After testing multiple different Additive technologies, including filament-based, TE Connectivity settled on the Stratasys Origin One. The unique technology was able quickly and consistently deliver end-use connectors within +/- .002″ accuracy, a critical requirement from the end-customer. Using Loctite’s flame retardant resin, TE was able to provide accurate parts with mechanical properties ideal that would meet all aerospace requirements.


  • A more agile and cost-effect solution when compared to traditional manufacturing
  • Advanced materials met all customer requirements, including aerospace readiness.
  • Scalable production volumes by utilizing the fast printing speeds of the the Stratasys Origin P3

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