Additive Manufacturing Majorly Reduces Lead Time

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Nexa3D Provides 3D Printing Solutions to MaxResolution3D Using Loctite Materials

The Challenge

Berlin-based startup MaxResolution3D sought to take on serial production to help close the gap between injection molding, machining, and other traditional manufacturing technologies. Upon initial investigation to find a fast, scalable 3D printing platform fit for production, the MaxResolution3D team narrowed their choices down significantly after seeing demos from three leading resin-based additive manufacturing systems. However, the parts from one system were found to be rather sticky, not possessing quality surface finish from right off the print bed.

The Solution

Ultimately, the NXE 400 platform proved to be the system of choice for establishing scalable services at MaxResolution3D. Large build volume, fine part quality, ultrafast print speeds and high productivity tipped the scales to the selection of Nexa3D equipment. LOCTITE’s xPRO410 & 3843-xABS, validated by Henkel for Nexa3D were the materials of choice that were found to be the most suitable.


By leveraging LOCTITE’s materials and a combination of Nexa3D’s NXE 400 3D Printer and the DLP process, MaxResolution3D was able to reduce print time from several hours to 15 minutes. With Loctite materials and their Nexa3D setup, it became possible to print 5,500 parts in 10 hours, or 84 parts per 11-minute build.

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