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3D Printed Components for the "AirBrake" Automatic Brake for Product Carriers

The Challenge

MartinSystems needed to develop an automatic brake for product carriers with the help of 3D printed industrial components from tewipack. The challenge was to develop fast production-ready components for the application with design freedom targeted for the application, to be able to print these components accurately within a short time and also match the colour scheme.

The Solution

Using Loctite 3D 3843 the components in the housing were manufactured on the Rapidshape i30+ 3D DLP printer. Loctite 3843 was ideally suited for this application due to its high impact strength.


  • Extremely durable material that can withstand consistent handling with minimal wear and tear.
  • Fast implementation due to the additive manufacturing process.
  • 3D printing made it possible to create shapes within a few days that would not be possible with conventional production methods.

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