Press Releases 2020

EnvisionTEC E1 HT Printer with Parts

Henkel Expands Partnership with EnvisionTEC to support volume production of end-use parts

November 23, 2020  Düsseldorf, Germany and Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

After two years of previous collaboration, Henkel and EnvisionTEC are combining their expertise to solutions for production level 3D printing. Using EnvisionTEC new wide-format and high temperature printing platforms with LOCTITE 3D resins, end-use parts can be created at scale without compromising on mechanical properties.

Henkel and NEXA3D Expand their Collaboration with launch of new material, xPRO410

October 29, 2020  Düsseldorf, Germany and Ventura, California, USA

Henkel and Nexa3D are expanding their collaborative partnership with the launch of a new material, the xPRO410. This general-purpose resins offers high accuracy, exceptional surface finish, and ultra fast print speeds. With this new material, parts can be iterated in just hours as opposed to weeks or days.

Henkel and Carbon to combine materials and printing expertise for high-performance additive manufacturing 

October 19, 2020  Düsseldorf, Germany and Redwood City California, USA

Henkel and Carbon today have announced a partnership agreement to collaborate for Loctite branded formulations validated for use with Carbon’s additive manufacturing process. As part of the collaboration the new LOCTITE 3D IND405 Clear material is immediately available to Carbon customers. The partnership agreement opens the door for industrial customers to access Henkel’s patented single-component technologies (1K) for use with the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (Carbon DLS) 3D-printing process.

Nexa3D and Henkel jointly commercialize high impact, durable material for medical and athletic device

July 21, 2020  Düsseldorf, Germany

Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast stereolithography production 3D printers, and Henkel, a leading supplier of high impact functional additive materials, announced today the immediate commercial availability of xMED412, a polypropylene-like material that is ideal for manufacturing a variety of biocompatible devices. Manufactured by Henkel, xMED412 is entirely based on its Loctite MED412 material and is covered by all of its associated clearances, tests and certifications.

Asiga leverages Henkel’s Open Materials Platform to focus on 3D printed production parts

July 3, 2020  Düsseldorf, Germany

Asiga, an industry leading manufacturer of 3D printing equipment, has joined Henkel’s Open Materials Platform to provide the additive manufacturing industry with production-grade 3D printed parts that are both accurate and functional. Working together, the two companies are leveraging their deep experience in chemistry and 3D printing technologies to drive the next level in additive manufacturing production.

Henkel Leverages In-House Capabilities to Expand Additive Manufacturing Services

June 30, 2020  Rocky Hill, CT

Henkel Additive Manufacturing Services leverages Henkel’s sizable existing infrastructure and internal capabilities at strategically located application centers and at its certified plant in Richmond, Missouri, which is already supplying millions of traditionally produced parts to a host of automotive and industrial customers.

Henkel and Origin collaborate to help meet demand for COVID-19 NP swabs

June 12, 2020  Düsseldorf, Germany

In collaboration with Origin, Henkel is leveraging its ability to carry out biocompatibility and robust mechanical testing at its facility in Concord, California, and has provided a range of 3D printable medical photopolymers designed for use on Origin’s material development systems.

Henkel Collaborates with Nexa3D to Further Fuel End-Use Production in Additive Manufacturing

Apr 21, 2020  Rocky Hill, CT

Nexa3D recently joined Henkel’s Open Materials Platform with the goal of expanding the capabilities of its ultrafast production stereolithography technology. Now, as a result of this collaboration, Nexa3D announces the availability of its first solution powered by LOCTITE high performance 3D printing materials.

Henkel and NewPro3D collaborate for unique 3D Printing Solution in the medical sector

Jan 27, 2020 Düsseldorf / Germany

NewPro3D recently joined Henkel’s Open Materials Platform with the goal of providing additive manufacturing solutions at production scale. Working collaboratively, the companies are combining their areas of focus to create next-level solutions for the medical industry. With Henkel’s expertise in materials and NewPro3D’s innovation in 3D printing equipment and software, the companies are enabling new applications in anatomical modeling, prosthetics and more.