OEM Partner — Stratasys

Founded in 2015, Origin is focused on bringing mass manufacturing to the additive industry.  For years, the two founders felt the pain of unreliable hardware, limited software, and brittle materials. Together, they saw an opportunity to create a whole new platform from the ground up and a dramatically new and open approach to additive manufacturing that combines open materials, extensible software, and modular hardware. This approach, called Open Additive Manufacturing, provides manufacturing customers with the flexibility they need.

Origin New

Stratasys OriginOne

DLP Printer

  • Origin has validated a wide range of photopolymers from LOCTITE including silicone elastomers, flame retardant polymers, molding materials and general engineering purpose materials.
  • A manufacturing-grade printer that enables additive mass production of end-use isotropic parts.
  • Build Size: 192mm x 108mm x 350mm
  • Footprint400mm x 450mm x 1100mm
  • Exceptional Accuracy, Consistency, and Throughput
  • Produce features as small as 50µm
  • Print molds with large cross sectional areas