OEM Partner — RapidShape

Rapid Shape is a German company that specializes in the development and manufacture of high-end systems for additive printing. Rapid Shape has positioned itself as one of this industry’s leaders through proprietary technology that has set new standards in speed, reliability and precision. Rapid Shape provides solutions for industrial, dental, hearing aid and jewelry markets. Precision, quality, and cooperation with sales, material and technology partners distinguishes this company from others.


Rapidshape I30+

DLP Printer

    • 385 nm UV LED
    • X,Y Resolution: 78 µm
    • Z Resolution1: 25-200 µm
    • Build Envelope: 150 x 85 x 120 mm
    • Build speed: Up to 80 mm/hour
    • Patented Force Feedback system to monitor separation forces
    • Flexible open system facilities manual adjustment and control
    • Open System / closed upon request (RFID)
    • Simple operation for professional and validated use

    1material dependent