OEM Partner — Photocentric

When it comes to 3D printing in the UK, Photocentric, located in Peterborough, invented LCD 3D printing and have been photopolymer experts since 2002. They have been helping manufactures with their 3D printing needs since we brought out their first 3D printer in 2016, since then they have taken 3D printing in the UK to a higher level. Releasing innovative technologies to reimagine the way companies are manufacturing across the globe.


Photocentric Liquid Crystal Opus

LCD Printer

The Photocentric LC Opus delivers fast, highly accurate prints suitable for a huge variety of industries and applications. With its rugged construction, the LC Opus has been designed to provide reliable and repeatable performance. Equally at home in a dental laboratory or engineering workshop, its intuitive and simple operation makes it perfect for beginners and experienced users alike.

  • Building area – 310 x 174 x 220mm
  • Light Output intensity – LCD screen: 5mW/cm²
  • XY resolution of 81µm
  • Print Speed: 18mm per hour
  • Cure Speed: 2 seconds per layer at 50µm