OEM Partner — Genera

Genera are users of 3D Printing, just as you are. They worked with 3D printers and were not satisfied with the way additive manufacturing worked in reality, so they founded Genera. They strongly believe that additive manufacturing has to be seen as a comprehensive process – from setup to final result. Only when all steps are harmonized, can the products be exceptional. In the past, the users themselves were left with this delicate coordination. We want to end this: The Genera Process guarantees repeatable results.With a mission to to deliver on the promises that 3D printing had made for many years: reliable, clean and fast production which creates room for all of your ideas, Genera is creation made reliable.

Genera G2

DLP Printer

Output increases, while printing costs stay low. While the handling of printed components of conventional 3D printers is often arduous and unclean, the G2 offers a glove-free workflow for clean, easy, and reliable production. The G2 prints in 4K and several different resolutions (between 40 and 100 μm) in one system. No matter what the needed printing accuracy is, G2 has the solution, in one system.

  • Light intensity: max. 20 mW / cm2
  • Wave length: 385 nm DLP
  • Speed: Up to 3 mm / min*
  • 4K Resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • Pixel size: 100 μm, 70 μm, 40 μm
  • Print volume: x: 384 mm, y: 216 mm, z: 320 mm