OEM Partner — Carbon

Carbon provides industry-leading digital manufacturing solutions that empower companies to create revolutionary products anywhere and at any scale. Carbon joins advanced hardware, software, and polymer materials capabilities on one digital manufacturing platform – giving companies the ability to design and bring better products to market in less time.

Carbon M2

DLS Printer

Offering speed, accuracy, and an effective build platform size, the M2 is well suited for a wide range of applications. The M2 has a built-in print planner that optimizes every build, assigning variable print speeds to match the part’s needs.

  • Build Volume: 189 x 118 x 326 mm³ (7.4 x 4.6 x 12.8 in³)
  • Resolution: 75 μm
  • Connectivity: USB, Ethernet
  • Print Preparation: Carbon’s proprietary software
  • Printer Size: 540 x 654 x 1734 mm³ (21.2 x 25.7 x 68.2 in³)