Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Fluids

Alternate for IPA Isopropanol

LOCTITE 3D Printing Cleaner C

Looking for a greener-non-IPA solution for cleaning 3D printed parts? LOCTITE 3D Printing Cleaner C is a non-flammable cleaner at ambient temperature with flashpoint of 75⁰C intended for post-process cleaning of SLA/DLP printed parts.

LOCTITE 3D Printing Cleaner T

LOCTITE 3D Printing Cleaner T is designed specifically for post-processing at elevated temperatures for SLA/DLP printed parts prior to curing, making it ideal for use with LOCTITE 3D 3955 FST resin.

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Cleaning Equipment

LOCTITE 3D Printing EQ DW11 Dual Wash

The LOCTITE® 3D Printing EQ Washer DW11 is a high-performance wash station specifically designed and engineered for cleaning 3D printed parts created using LOCTITE 3D Printing resins.