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PRESS RELEASE: Henkel introduces Loctite 3D MED3394, a novel solution for post-sterilization durability

With the introduction of Loctite 3D MED3394 Henkel has launched a further innovation within its growing portfolio of medical-grade resins for 3D printing. The novel resin represents a significant advancement, notable for its robust resistance against sterilization methods that commonly challenge other photopolymers in the market.  

Upcoming Webinar: Transforming Electronics Manufacturing with ESD 3D Printing

#Henkel3DPrinting🔹Curious about the buzz around #3DPRINTING in electrical equipment? Join our webinar to see how our newest resin IND3380 with ESD properties is advancing 3D Printing. Learn about our latest #LOCTITE3D materials driving innovation and register TODAY!

Spark Of Progress: 3D Printing Breakthrough In Electrical Systems

Additive Innovators needed to create a customized electrical switch interlock for industrial generator breaker panels, designed to meet the high standards of electrical power generation and similar industries.  The main challenge lies in effectively integrating 3D printing technology into existing production and maintenance procedures. This involves blending customization features, selecting...

High Seas Innovation With 3D Printing

IEE Ltd, a trusted engineering services provider based in Whakatane, New Zealand, collaborated with Extreme Boats to develop custom interior components for their aluminum vessels. Extreme Boats, known for crafting high-quality boats for over two decades, sought IEE’s expertise in 3D scanning, reverse engineering, CAD modeling, and 3D printing. The...

Henkel Joins Replique’s Material Hub

#Henkel3DPrinting 👏 We're excited to be a part of Replique's Material Hub! As partner of this recently launched database, you gain access to our extensive range of #3DPRINTING materials, complemented by intuitive filtering options. This comprehensive feature significantly streamlines the process of finding the right material for your project needs. Finding the...