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Unique engineering materials for functional prototyping, manufacturing aids, interiors and spare parts

Loctite 3172 High Impact IMG_2932

LOCTITE 3D 3172 HDT50 High Impact

An engineering plastic with excellent durability and surface finish.  High elongation at break combined with good impact resistance and machinability make this resin ideal for a wide range of tooling applications including jigs, fixtures and manufacturing-aids. 

Color: Grey, Clear


  • Very strong and durable, with mechanical attributes similar to polypropylene. 
  • Superior impact strength​ and nice surface finish

1.2_High IMPACT demonstration

LOCTITE 3D 3843 HDT60 High Toughness

Rigid resin that allows to produce functional parts that require high precision with a good surface finish. Resistant to impact stress ideal for connectors and interior components.


  • High heat deflection temperature with HDT 60°C
  • Good surface finish
  • Superior strength, impact resistance and HDT vs. other high impact resin