Revamping Production: bachmaier Snug-earmolds Pro’s Journey with Loctite 3D Printing Solution

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The Challenge

Bachmaier specializes in custom-made products for the hearing aid, hearing protection, and music industries.  They wanted to establish a more efficient process in their production of creating bachmaier Snug-earmolds Pro.  These ear molds are a custom-fit earpiece that can be attached to AirPods designed to snugly fit the ear.

The Solution

The team transitioned from traditional production to 3D printing and identified Loctite 3D 3843 resin to be the most suitable solution for the process due to its  enhanced mechanical properties.  The new production method proved to be more cost-effective on a per part basis which potentially contributed to reduction in production cost.


The adoption of  the new process with the use of Loctite 3D 3843 led to a decrease in material cost.  The process has also been able to maintain its efficiency which over all resulted in reduced lead times.

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