Innovation in Footwear Manufacturing Using 3D Printing Technology

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Henkel and Stratasys Partner With ECCO to Innovate Footwear Manufacturing

The Challenge

Footwear manufacturing is an incredibly manual process, but ECCO has worked to integrate innovative technologies into their process, allowing for increased automation and more streamlined development. ECCO turned to additive manufacturing with Stratasys Origin One 3D printer and Henkel’s custom 3D printing resins.

The Solution

Using Henkel’s custom 3D printing resins and Stratasys Origin One 3D printing technology, ECCO was able to create footwear molds with quality on par with molds produced using traditional CNC machined aluminum molds.


  • The molds and lasts printed from these custom resins are much faster to make
  • Significantly lower costs than conventional CNC machining using aluminum
  • Designers and developers can test functional shoes earlier in the development cycle, allowing product teams to confirm the fit and comfort of new styles.

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