Industrial Drone Housing

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Innovative 3D Printing Solutions Bring New Light to Industrial Drone Technology

The Challenge

Digital Aerolus has been working together with Fast Radius to find innovative solutions for the different parts of the Aertos 130IR, an industrial drone that operates in confined spaces. During the manufacturing process, Fast Radius had to face some challenges regarding the housing of the device, which needed to have certain specifications regarding the transparency of the piece.

The Solution

Using the Carbon L1, a new large-format 3D printer, and Henkel´s LOCTITE 3D IND405 Certified for Carbon Printers, Fast Radius was able to meet the housing requirements for the industrial drone. LOCTITE 3D IND405 proved to be the perfect solution thanks to its adjustable level of transparency and wide range of custom digital texturing options. The final housing matches Aertos’ requirements of light diffusion without revealing the hardware underneath, providing optimal performance.


  • Easy to print on Carbon’s reliable platform
  • Adjustable level of transparency
  • Wide range of custom digital texturing options

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