Spark Of Progress: 3D Printing Breakthrough In Electrical Systems

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Spark Of Progress: 3D Printing Breakthrough In Electrical Systems


Additive Innovators needed to create a customized electrical switch interlock for industrial generator breaker panels, designed to meet the high standards of electrical power generation and similar industries.  The main challenge lies in effectively integrating 3D printing technology into existing production and maintenance procedures. This involves blending customization features, selecting appropriate materials such as Loctite 3D IND3380, and ensuring cost-effectiveness to streamline processes and enhance equipment performance.

The ultimate goal was to utilize additive manufacturing to boost flexibility, decrease downtime, and meet evolving demands, signaling a shift towards more agile manufacturing and maintenance approaches in the industry.  Additive Innovators, partnering with AmPd Labs, used their NEXA3D NXE400 Pro to print products in days, quickly getting their customer’s energy flowing again.  This development showcased their commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation, highlighted by the integration of advanced technologies like 3D scanning.

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