Fully Functional Snowboard Bindings

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Customized Snowboard Bindings Allow for Greater Design Freedom and Superior Fit

The Challenge

Technology is a key factor in developing cutting-edge sports equipment. Currently, commercial snowboard bindings are created using injection molding. This type of traditional manufacturing limits users to off-the-shelf products that don’t account for different fits, riding requirements, and comfort levels.

The Solution

Using the Origin One printer,  slicelab and f=f were able to 3D print custom high back snowboard bindings. By utilizing an additive workflow and LOCTITE 3D 3172 HDT50 High Impact, these bindings featured components that would be impossible to create with traditional manufacturing methods, such as the internal lattice structure for variable flexibility.


  • Fully functional end-use part that is indistinguishable from injection molding
  • Light weight part that offers better support and greater control for the rider
  • Mechanical properties can withstand significant impact while providing necessary flex

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