Optimizing Electronic Connectors in The Automotive Industry Using 3D Printing

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Henkel and GENERA Partner with Feba-Kabel & 3D-Werk to Innovate in The Automotive Industry

The Challenge

When using traditional production methods, problems can often arise that can have a massive impact on the cost effectiveness of the application. These traditional production methods can be too time consuming and far too expensive. A diagnostic equipment manufacturer turned to its supplier ‘Feba-Kabel’ to explore new ways to optimize electronic connectors for a cable assembly in diagnostic devices in the automotive sector . Together with 3D-Werk, GENERA and the use of additive manufacturing, the perfect solution could be provided.

The Solution

By using LOCTITE 3D IND406 HDT100 High Elongation together with a combination of GENERA’s G2 / F2 System and the DLP process the cable set for a car diagnostic device was redesigned. IND406 was chosen as the material for the series parts. This is black in color and has great weather and aging resistance as well as high heat deflection, which is hugely important for the cable assemblies.


Using Loctite IND406 on GENERA’s G2 / F2 System, the lead time was reduced by several weeks and even months and the time to market was much faster during COVID-19 thanks to not having the need of injection molding tooling. The manufacturing cost was also reduced significantly due to removing the number of production steps.

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